Fresh Roasted Coffee in Medford, Oregon

Oregon Mountain Coffee Company in East Medford, Oregon, hand-selected coffee beans roasted in small batches of coffee.  Each roast imported from small farms throughout the world to Southern Oregon.  The coffee buyers and roasters take great care to assure that the coffee, artisan foods and clean & comfortable atmosphere reflect their worldly knowledge of coffee and food.  Your daily cup or weekly bag of beans in Medford is their passion.  Tea aficionados should check out the loose leaf menu!

Artisan Food in Medford, OR

Stopping for coffee in Medford, Oregon?  Ordering for the office and need to pick-up it up?  Swing by, fax or call to to order.  Check out the Oregon Mountain Artisan food on display.  Regularly changing menu items give you fresh choices, and staples like scones, biscotti, and even the best muffins are FRESH and ready to grab-and-go.  Freshly cooked with style, originality and care, try a fast gourmet snack, breakfast, lunch, or treat.  All are designed to go with fresh roasted coffee, tea or YOUR favorite specialty drink.

Coffee Selection & Roasting

Ryan & Autumn Burke own and Oregon Mountain Coffee Company as a passion.  Roasting small batches and mixing their own blends has lead to a following in the East Medford Area.  Find hints of flavors you may have experienced in your travels and travel dreams.  Learn more about finding the perfect cup of coffee, espresso, latte, tea or specialty drink.  Call it your drink!  There is noting better than TOP QUALITY coffee, nourishment from well cared for food and a smile from the folks that run and work at Oregon Mountain.

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930 N Phoenix Rd in  Medford, OR 97504 (map)


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